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Sri Thyagaraja was one of the most important composers of Carnatic music. He is regarded as one of the "trinity" of Carnatic music composers, along with Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri. He was a devotee of Rama. Sri Thyagaraja, the most celebrated Carnatic Music saint was a great devotee of Lord Sri Rama. Thyagaraja lived to the full extent that God realization is best achieved through Nadopasana (music with devotion). His songs are filled with an intimate devotion to Rama, all through revealing his deep understanding of the tenets of the Vedas and Upanishads. Saint Purandaradas is considered as the grandfather of Carnatic Music. Sri Thyagaraja, along with Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri are considered as the "Trinity of Carnatic Music." Sri Thyagaraja has composed about 24,000 songs in his long devoted life to Lord Rama, most of them written in his Mother tongue Telegu, but a few in Sanskrit, including the masterpiece "Jagadanandakaraka" composed of 108 names describing Lord Rama's attributes. The greatness of Sri Thyagaraja lies in the fact that his songs, like himself had a simplicity about them that added and complemented its rhythmic and melodious qualities. His innumerable compositions paved the way for the development of carnatic music in South India and have educated generations successively and traditionally in music in South India.


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  • Material Type Brass
  • Finish Type Gold
  • Weight 0.4 kgs
  • Height 3 inches
  • Gifting Occasion Wedding
  • Gifting by Profession Gift to Musicians



I have been buying the gifts from Thejus since its inception fairly substantially. Those gifts were given to my friends overseas, NRI relatives and to others on festive occasions in India. Every recipient uniformly felt elated and happy and till date, whenever I meet anyone of them, they did not fail to mention the gift - meaning thereby they consider it as a valuable possession and were happy to receive and possess it. The gifts are crisp and sharp and the gold coating remains for more than the guaranteed tenure. I will continue buy and gift in the future.

J Srinivasan

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