The real meaning of Deepavali

Happy Diwali!!
A single Diya or lamp holds infinite beauty and hope.
Diwali is a celebration of victory over evil or darkness and the coming of a New Year.
But if we think deeply, what is this darkness we want to remove?

Light means to follow a virtuous path such that our thoughts are always pure in heart, our words are sweet and peaceful and bring joy to the listener and our actions are always beneficial first to ourselves, and to others as well as to the environment.

Darkness on the other hand is when our thoughts are negative and when these thoughts are reflected in our words or actions, they bring hurt and sorrow to others at every step.

In reality, evil or darkness does not have an identity of its own it exists due to a lack of goodness or light.

Knowledge, power and all that is pure, are very real characteristics since they are part of us, perhaps hidden yet existing.
The Festival of Lights is the fight against evil forces and creation of peace and happiness.
Diwali brings up a number of things in the mind’s eye sweets, new clothes, account books, Goddess Lakshmi, fireworks etc.

So instead of celebrating Diwali, LET’S EXPERIENCE DIWALI.
As we clean our homes, let’s clean our minds and intellects too.

As we wear new clothes, let’s also get rid off our old, unwanted, disturbing habits of anger, jealousy, worry..

.. and emerge our new but original qualities of peace, love, bliss and happiness.

Tonight we will settle our old account books and begin new ones, simultaneously let us settle our old karmic accounts,

any unpleasant relationships and begin our relationships in a new, positive way.

We are all aware of the pollution caused by firecrackers, but it is Diwali, we need to burn crackers,

so why not burn all the crackers of evil characteristics within ourselves – this burning will in fact purify our minds and the environment.

As we exchange sweets let us also exchange meaningful sweet words, good wishes and blessings.

If we really experience Diwali we will succeed in invoking (calling upon) Goddess Lakshmi.

Her name comes from the word, ‘Laksh’ meaning the GOAL’,
experiencing Diwali (as explained above) will help us reach our ultimate goal of heavenly perfection which Goddess Lakshmi stands for.

Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi is good, but what is even better is making the wealth of spiritual(Ruhani) knowledge and qualities

(which Goddess Lakshmi has to offer) a part of our life. A divine character alone can attain prosperity and peace.

The key lies in lighting a single ‘Diya’ – my own conscient awareness.

The Rajyoga meditation – connecting with the Supreme Diya, the Supreme Soul, helps me in doing that.

The True meaning of Diwali is not known to many & majority of Hindus in modern times.

Generally, it is linked to Ram, symbol of Virtues winning over Ravana, symbol of vices.
In fact it should be celebrated as Universal Festival if its true meaning is understood by all. ”
Courtesy: Brahma Kumaris

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