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Thejus Specializes in 24Kt Gold & Multi metal plated articles.  We have products that can be used for worship and products that gifts that can be used as decorative items

Thejus offers a variety of gift articles that are guaranteed from tarnishing for a minimum period of 3 years.

Thejus range of gifts includes a variety of icons, Lamps and other articles.

Thejus puts in a lot of efforts in sourcing finely handcrafted panchaloka/brass vigrahams, kuthuvilaku and also kamakshi Lamps from artisans in swamimalai and other artisans from all over India. These icons and lamps are given a plating of 24 ct Gold.

Apart from plating on traditional brass/bronze idols, Thejus also specialises in Gold Plating on Non-Metals like Real Mango leaves, peepal leaves, terracota, rudrakshams, ceramic tiles, glass and marble items.

Thejus uses the most modern electrophoretic process to protect this 24 ct gold plating with a transparentlayer of polyurethane that enhances corrosion resistance of Thejus products

Thejus offers a wide variety of gift articles numbering to more than 2500 in different sizes andshapes.

Thejus gifts are available over a wide price ranges to suit everybody's budget.Price ranges from Rs 50/-Rs 50,000/-

Thejus is also willing to take up the development of custom made gift articles.

We also undertake goldplating projects in temples. We have already done projects in over 150 temples and the typical items are Gopura Kalasams/Sannadhi kalasams, Swami Kavachams, Dwajasthambam and Golden Chariot.

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