Sundal and Navarathiri

What Sundal did you make at home today???

Do you know why On each day , ‘sundal’ or spiced pulses, lentils and legumes (a different variety on each day) are offered to the Gods and Goddesses as neivaidhyam and then to the guests as prasadam.???

Well Some believe that significance of offering Sundal during Navarathri is purely for the nutritional value, that during the dull days of September-October, when the weather’s really not too peppy, people get easily tired and that the wise saints therefore prescribed that protein- and vitamin- rich sundals be served during Navarathri to rejuvenate people. They also make up for the deficit in vegetable supply in the month of Purattasi since these lentils/pulses are rich in proteins and minerals.

Some others also say that sundal is offered to appease the nava-grahaas or nine planets. According to this theory, only the nava-dhaanyas or lentils associated with the nine planets, namely wheat, rice, tuvar dal, moong (green gram) dal, chana dal, white field beans, sesame seeds, horse gram and urad dal are cooked and served.

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