Somaskanda Siva

Somaskanda is a manifestation of Shiva featuring Shiva,Uma and Skanda; Shiva in a seated posture, with Parvati to his left and with Skanda his son, seated in between the two.

The Somaskanda manifestation of Shiva has been held in reverence in the Tamil region for centuries. The earliest stone panels of Somaskanda of the Pallava period date back to the 7th century CE. Most of the Shiva temples inTondai Naadu (around Kanchipuram) bear a Somaskandapanel behind the Shivalingam in the sanctum.

It was however in the Chola period (9th century onwards) that the rich bronze images representing Somaskanda came into being. Somaskanda is a unique concept of the Tamil region and it represents Shiva as the Supreme Godhead (in the Saivite system of beliefs) as a father by the side of his family, Parvati – a gracious mother full of tenderness, and Skanda (Murugan) one of the favorite deities of the Tamil region their son.

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