Singing and Navarathiri

One of the very important aspects of Navarathiri in the South is the Singing associated with it. One of the first questions anyone would ask you during your visit to a Golu is ” Do you know to Sing?”

Do you know that Ambal is known as Gaana Priya and hence when we sing we invoke her blessings. Most of the songs are in praise of the Gods

Golu is also a social gathering, celebrated mainly by women and girl children and meant to prove their merits; A lots of marriage proposals are made during these time around, just by simply visiting one another’s home, getting to know each other, and socialize in a free way and exchange views.

The significance of this Navaratri festival just cannot be ignored as a routine ritual, but it has a lot more inner meaning and is refreshing for the women and children in general.

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