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Thamboolam comprises of the betel leaf, betel nut, coconut or fruit.
The betel leaf is one of the 8 most auspicious earthly materials identified for worship.It is regarded to be very holy as a number of Gods are believed to reside in it. The tip is where Goddess Lakshmi resides, middle Goddess Saraswathi, Left Goddess Parvathi, right Bhoodevi, Front Lord Shiva and back Lord Vishnu.
The combination of the leaf, nut and the chuna result in the tongue and lips turning red which is cited as an example of a well orchestrated synergy whose outcome is a beautiful and rich color – none of these ingredients alone can result in this colour.
Thamboolam is eaten at the culmination of a good and hearty meal and it becomes a symbol of a satisfied existence distributed at happy and festive occasions.